Back To School Essentials!

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It’s that time of the year again: BACK TO SCHOOL! Can’t believe summer flew by so darn fast. Let’s not make going back to school a hassle, so here’s some tips and tricks to get ready for the back to school season! Each item I mention has a link that can take you directly to each product (saves you the time and the money)!


I’m a college student, and I know how expensive books can get. Order your books online instead of your school bookstore and I can almost guarantee that you’ll be saving an incredible amount of money. I have a link here where you can try amazon prime for free. It’s perfect for getting fast and free two-day shipping: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. If you’ve already tried Amazon Prime, I have 50% off of Amazon Prime for college students : Prime Student . Take advantage of Amazon Prime, it’s seriously worth it.

Binders & Spiral Notebooks

Personally, I like to make sure that whatever I write on can be ripped out. The disadvantage with composition books is that when we rip paper out, it gets worn out and the page bindings would just fall apart. Also, if you’re one to fold your notebook in half, spiral notebooks can do that with ease. Binders are especially helpful in keeping clean and organized. Plus, you can fit multiple subjects into one binder, and that will just save you space and the money. I have linked some inexpensive notebooks you can purchase: one being a 6 pack of one subject college-rule Mead Spiral Notebooks, or a 2 pack of three subject Five Star Spiral Notebooks. I would highly recommend them.

The BEST Writing Tools

No matter what, I always need to have a good pen or pencil, or else I won’t be content with my writing. Is that weird? The pen has to glide smoothly on paper, and be the right shade of darkness. I would highly suggest the BIC Round Stic Grip Xtra Comfort Ball Pen. They’re cheap and I love the way they write. One thing that I would recommend if you’re a very visual writer or studier, is to purchase a variety of colored pens. Color coding is one of my top ways to retain information when studying, so maybe grabbing some Colored Pens would really help you as well.


PLANNERS!!!!! To any student, I would highly, HIGHLY recommend getting a planner. If you’re not one to write down your assignments or tasks, you should seriously start. It’s an important skill to have because it will be an extreme help in staying organized and preparing for not only your classes and assignments, but for any plans you make outside of school. Always be on top of your game. There’s all kinds of planners, big and small. Choose the one that you love because it’ll be with you for the entire school year! Here’s a Super Cute Planner for you!


You have to put all of your items somewhere! I prefer just getting a traditional backpack such as the JanSport Backpack. They have a variety of colors and I swear, my jansport backpack is indestructible. I’ve had mine for years! I would recommend purchasing a backpack that will follow you through the years, and can be used, not only for school, but for traveling as well.


I know there are some times where you have downtime and here are two suggestions I have for you:

  • Read a good book
  • Listen to music

I’ve provided you with a link where you can Try Amazon Music Unlimited for 30-Days- Free! My top 5 favorite songs at the moment that I’d love to share with you are:

  1. Slow Hands- Niall Horan
  2. The Weekend- SZA
  3. Dead- Madison Beer
  4. Wild Thoughts- DJ Khaled(ft. Rihanna)
  5. Burning House- Cam

I believe everyone should take the time to have at least one book to read. If you aren’t much of a reader (which I’m sure there’s a few of you) then give Audible a try! Audible has the largest selection of digital audiobooks, and you can listen to your favorite book anytime, anywhere! When you sign up with my link, you can receive Two Free Audiobooks when you give Audible a try. A few of my favorite books that I would recommend are:
1. Nice Is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything

2. The Secret

3. Milk and Honey

So, there are just some basic back to school essentials for you! And to make things a little bit easier, I’ve included links for each item. Let’s get ready for the back to school season, and let’s do it right!


Ignite your spark,

Thanks for reading, xoxo.


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