Kick Fear In The Butt And Follow Your Gut!

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Fear is scary. I mean, come on, it is fear. It’s an emotion surrounded by uncontrollable stress and angst. We have succumbed to running from fear at any cost. But I’m here to tell you to live not in fear, but to live alongside it. Sound crazy? Hear me out. No matter how much running you did to try to get away from fear, it’ll always be right behind you. It’s inevitable. Terrorism won’t halt, spiders aren’t on the verge of extinction, and Congress won’t start working together. Fear is everywhere. Instead of losing your mind trying to demolish the emotion, learn to accept it, learn to live with it, and that is when you can truly overcome it.

It’s A Waste Of Time.

Time works against us. Spending that time pacing around in dread and doubt, is useless when you could be using that time to chase after your desires. 99% of the things we fear are all mental. Fear will hinder your growth and create a barrier between you and reality. You know exactly what you want in life.  Don’t let fear of failure, fear of the future, or fear of humiliation limit your potential. Give your all in everything you do. Never give anything less than your best. When things start to fall apart, only then should you take action to fix the damage. At least you can say you tried your hardest. Don’t let fear dictate your future. It’s in your hands.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Change.

As humans, we love to fall into a routine. We like to remain comfortable and secure. Working 9-5, 6 days a week to maintain a stable and constant life. That’s completely fine, but if you let those habits consume your existence, then what would happen when something new and foreign crosses your path? You will make decisions based upon your past experiences, because you are simply too afraid to think for the future. Fear will urge you to comfort, but maybe taking that leap of faith, and following that feeling you felt in the pit of your stomach would’ve brought you into a new and more prosperous life. You never know.

Listen To Your Intuition.

Avoid letting fear stop you from going after your dreams and desires. Listen to your intuition, and follow your gut. You have to distinguish between doing what your gut tells you, and doing what fear tells you. There’s a difference. Fear will direct you away from your own thoughts and aspirations. Believe me, there are times where your gut and fear will agree with each other, but your intuition, your heart, and your gut will always guide you into the right direction. Be confident in yourself, and fear will be under your control.

But how can I listen to my heart? What if I’m wrong? Well, some things in life aren’t going to come easy. We are always going to be doubtful and frightful. We search and beg for answers in other people for reassurance on what we want, but honey, when it comes to matters in the heart, you’ve already got the answers right inside of you. Fear will play its part when it comes to real and physical danger. That is why we have such a thing as “fight or flight”. The majority of the “fear” that we believe is present in our lives, only exists in our heads. Overcoming that mental fear, and tapping into your intuition will put you at ease.

It’s A Gift From God.

Your heart speaks to you. It is a little voice that is gifted to every man, woman, and child. We’ve got plenty of distractions buzzing around in our minds that keep us from utilizing it. But practice, practice practice. It gets easier once you start listening to your gut, instead of letting fear drag you down its direction. You will feel empowered by the voice that lives within you. You will notice that your mind will often disagree with your heart. But it’s up to you whether you decide to choose what’s right, or choose what’s logical. Fear isn’t ever going to go away, so learn to live with it, and you will soon overcome it. Fear will challenge you, but trust in yourself.

Practice making decisions on your own terms. Open your heart to the endless possibilities in this world. When you learn to trust in your own intuition, you will gain a source of self-love that wasn’t formerly present before. Start small. Listening to your heart isn’t going to be easy. It’s like learning a new language. It’s easier for us to let fear guide us, but it won’t just guide you, it’ll control you. You are worthy of determining your own life choices. This world is a canvas, paint it like it’s yours.


Ignite your spark,

Thanks for reading, xoxo.

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Excellent, EXCELLENT post!! I used to be so paralyzed by fear and, even now, thinking about how it affected me sometimes bring tears to my eyes. Now I kick it straight in the behind and don’t look back! Thank you so much for sharing!


I love this. We often let fear keep us safe but because of that we never grow. I’m all about kicking it in the butt!

Sierra Annastasia

This reminds me of when I was terrified of speaking on video! I avoided it for so long because I was scared to be judged by those watching. As an entrepreneur with an online presence, I was absolutely going to have to overcome this fear. I started with baby steps: I did a podcast interview for a smaller blogger. Then I saw that it wasn’t the end of the world, and I dove in head first! The next speaking event I had was as a speaker in an online summit – a huge step away from fear! Starting with baby… Read more »


I love this post! It is truly inspiring and definitely a ‘kick up the butt’ to get rid of that fear! There’s too many people that stop reaching for their dreams or going for their full potential because of fear! I really love this post and definitely hope more people are going to follow their guts!


Such great advice for the start of the week (I’m not counting Labor Day Monday)! I always have that little voice in the back of my head that makes me question so many things. Hoping to squash that voice and just DO things more.

Naomi Destiny

Such a powerful and helpful post! Been learning to overcome my fears and follow my guts these days!

Ruxandra LeMay

Such an inspiring post, great reminders, good for us all because we all experience it whether we like to admit it or not.

Amanda Clark

Yesssss! I love every single thing about this!