Implementing The Law Of Attraction

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The law of attraction may be unfamiliar to you, but I am here to inform you about this little law, because you may find it useful to implement into your daily life! So, in short, the law of attraction is quite blatant. It is the act of attracting anything that you put your mind and heart to. It is a law that is available to everyone. Whatever you focus your mind to, will be reflected into your reality. People aren’t aware of the power that the Law of Attraction holds, but once you truly understand and embark in this law, you will begin to manifest your dreams and desires.

The world is full of endless possibilities. It is a blank canvas, and believe it or not, YOU decide what the finished painting looks like. Whatever you want in life, is out there. When you want something bad enough, keep it in your thoughts, revel in it everyday, and you will find yourself in the path to your desires. It’s quite simple actually.

You Have The Power To Change Your Reality

Everything in your life leading up to this point had been shaped by you. You probably weren’t fully aware of it, but it is true. Whatever you think and put into the universe, is given to you. Anybody is capable of living the life that they desire. The Universe is on your side. When you free yourself from life’s boundaries, you will be enlightened by the endless possibilities that are out there.

When you think about something, you invite it in. The more you think about something particular, the more powerful and the more real it becomes. Don’t be one of those negative nancys who think that those people who are traveling the world and living their best lives are for dreamers. A fantasy life for you, is a reality for somebody else. So make it yours too.

See Things As What You Want Them To Be

Instead of seeing things as what they are, see things as what you want them to be. When you see things the way you want them to be, you let the universe know that you are already there. You create your thoughts into things, and that is what the law of attraction is all about.

I remember wanting a dog so badly. My parents never really wanted to have a dog in the house, and they didn’t want to have to spend the money on one either. I just remember literally thinking about how my life would be when I would have my furry little friend and how I was going to take care of it. I just knew I was going to get a dog, even though it wasn’t necessarily present at the time. Then one day, one of my friends from school had put up a picture of two dogs that they were giving away for free. I was so surprised and jumped at the opportunity! It felt like such a huge coincidence, but honey, it was the LAW OF ATTRACTION!!

Believe It’s Already Yours

The law of attraction works best when you believe that what you desire is already yours. That dream car or that dream house is already yours, it’s just waiting to be manifested. How it works is that if you are truly convinced that these wishes and dreams are going to be your reality, then your actions and choices begin to work towards these goals. That’s why when we want something bad enough, we almost always achieve it if we put our hearts and minds to it.

Everything is available to you whether you believe it or not. Nothing is impossible in this world. Don’t limit your potential to mediocrity, because it’s worth so much more than that. You’ve got the world in your hands, you just gotta learn how to use it.


Ignite your spark,

Thanks for reading, xoxo.


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