The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Damn

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Not everybody likes you.

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Sorry to break it to you, but it’s impossible to be liked by everyone. Growing up, I would do everything I could to “fit in” and be just like everybody else. But I’ve learned, overtime, that the only thing that was doing, was draining the person I was inside. We live in a constant battle with ourselves that we end up succumbing to societies standards instead of our own. If you’re somebody who cares too much about other people’s opinions, or lives to cater to other people’s loads of crap, then this might be a good read for you.

People pleasing is something that I’m sure plenty of you find yourselves doing. I’m guilty of being a people-pleaser, and I continue to work on my needs to be liked by everyone. It used to be so hard for me to say “no” to people because I was afraid of being disliked. But let me tell you: it gets old. It’s natural, as human beings, to want to feel liked and wanted. It’s completely okay to want to be liked, but needing to be liked is a different story.

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I created this blog because I wanted to write about things that mattered to me, and that I felt would truly impact somebody in a positive way. (Of course I still have my little random blog posts that aren’t really going to strike someone in the soul, but you get my point). I’ve gotten a mixed amount of feedback about some of my posts. Some people saying that it wasn’t “me”, or that my content really didn’t interest them. Yeah, it hurt. I started to write in ways I thought people would like, but honestly, I got bored because I wasn’t writing about things that I actually felt passionate about. But how is somebody going to tell me how to live my life? I was more concerned about the negativity, that I would completely forget the TONS of positive feedback I received from everybody else.

That’s when it clicked.

I felt like in order to be content with myself, I needed everyone to like me.

The worst part about needing to be liked by everyone, is that you end up sacrificing things for that need.

I’ve stopped dating someone just because my sister didn’t like him, or I would agree to do things that I had no interest in doing, in hopes of not disappointing anybody. But in all honesty, the only person that I was disappointing, was myself. Do you see the problem?

I’ve given up a lot of myself, my dignity, and my respect for other people because I cared too much about their opinions, but that’s when I realized that I was only losing touch with myself. It’s not easy to overcome this need to be liked by everybody. There will be people who tear you down and walk away with a smile.  It takes commitment to be true to yourself at all times. Meaning, pushing away the urge to change yourself for someone else.

Somebody is going to hate your hair, your clothes, your dreams, or how you talk. You can’t control that. But what you can control is how you better yourself as a person everyday and practicing the values that you believe.

The moments that I’ve blocked my needs to be liked, are the moments that I’ve done something for myself that was spectacular. Living your best life is living a life that’s yours. Do yourself the favor and let go of that little voice inside of you that begs to be liked by everyone.

Talk your talk, and walk your walk. Somebody’s gonna feel it.


Ignite your spark.

Thanks for reading, xoxo.


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Laura @ The Mindful Mom Blographer

You are so right! In order to be truly happy it is important to know that not everyone is going to like you, and you can’t please everyone. Is this easier said than done? I think so. I struggle with this too. I heard a quote somewhere that said: “it’s not any of your business what people think of you”. I try to remind myself of that when the negativity starts to creep in, or if I find myself starting to worry about person ‘A’ liking me or not. Thank you for the thoughts!


Very true! You must be yourself, not someone else.