The Story Of My Butterfly

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The Butterfly Outside Of My House

It’s strange. With all of the chaos and commotion that happens in my life, something had recently caught my attention.

A white butterfly.

Some of you might think that this is me just overthinking mother nature’s way of life, or some of you may think it’s more than what meets the eye. I’m not sure if many of you believe in signs, but for any of you that do, maybe you can help me out with this one.

Let me start from the beginning.

About a week and a half ago, I was outside walking my dogs. I went down my street, then made a loop to return back home. A little white butterfly flew around my dogs and followed me all the way back home before fluttering away. Now, I didn’t think anything of it. Just that it was kinda cool that it followed me back home. Plus, I never really see white butterflies often.

Two days later, I was once again walking my dogs outside. The same little white butterfly met me when I was just about to be home. It fluttered around my me for a second and then landed on my dog. Again, I didn’t think too much about it. I thought it was cute and was trying to take a picture of the butterfly on my dog, but it flew away by the time I got my phone out.

A few days had passed and I hadn’t seen the white butterfly. There were plenty of orange and black butterflies around the flowers in the front of my house, but no white butterfly.

One day, It was beautiful and hot out, so I decided to grab my biology book and head to this cove that’s in my town. It’s kind of like a miniature beach. I was ready to chill out and have my “me time”. I set up my chair and read my biology book so I can study for an upcoming exam.

I looked up for a second and, you guessed it, a white butterfly fluttered across my face. I was astonished. Why the hell would I see this one white butterfly at the cove right now? Then, that’s when I really started thinking hard about the encounters I’ve recently had with this one butterfly.

I never thought twice about the butterfly until then.

That’s when I texted my friends about the weird instances where this white butterfly had appeared recently. They were just as weirded out as I was.

So there I was, alone at this little cove googling what a white butterfly symbolized. Here’s what I’ve gotten from those sites:

  • It represents a guardian spirit ushering you along the path of life
  • Brings good luck and a sign of a good life
  • Soul of a departed loved one
  • Sign that important change is coming and that something, physically or emotionally, will transform your life.
  • And my personal favorite: death is approaching. Haha, not really funny.

So as I was researching, something crazy happened. Remember how I was studying my biology book? Yeah, well, the wind blew and a few pages turned and it landed on a page talking about a butterfly. Right smack in the middle, was a picture of a butterfly, and at that point, I knew that it had to mean something. I was done believing it was just a coincidence. I immediately took a picture of that moment:

After that mind-blowing time at the cove, I headed home and when I arrived home, I opened my car door and the little white butterfly fluttered around my arm. This butterfly is relentless, isn’t it?

The next day, I went to hang out at a friends house and told them my story about this butterfly. They told me that it was strange at that they’ve never really seen a white butterfly before. After hanging out, I walked out and proceeded to walk towards my car until I heard, “SOPHIA!” I turned around and my friend pointed to one little white butterfly that slowly fluttered it’s way towards me.

Later that day, as I was heading out to go to class, one of my friends, which is my neighbor, texted in our group chat that she saw a white butterfly in front of her house that was dead. I read the message as I was walking out of my garage. I was a little sad to hear that my little butterfly was found dead. However, as I walked out of my garage, three white butterflies flew beside me and followed me to my car…


So, I’m currently at work right now, and it’s a gloomy/rainy day today, and I don’t expect to see any butterflies around. But, I just thought I would share this peculiar story with you all. Take it as you please. This could be a load of crap, or it could actually mean something to some of you.

Leave me your thoughts and opinions below on what you believe this could mean.

If something miraculous happens in my life soon, you bet I’ll be getting a little butterfly tattoo in white ink 😉


Ignite your spark.

Thanks for reading, xoxo.


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After you did your research for the symbolism on white butterflies, what do YOU believe they mean? Why do you think this is happening to you?


This is crazy. I always believed in signs and I think that this could really mean something. Please keep us updated if anything happens!