Does Your Mindset Define You?

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Just recently, a reader reached out to me and wanted me to discuss two different mindsets. I was intrigued and decided to look into it, and after learning more, I felt as if it was something that was worth sharing with you all.

Why is it that some people can shine brightly in anything they exert themselves to, and some people can’t even glimmer, even though they’ve got obvious talent?

They don’t completely believe that they have what it takes.

You all know your mind is a very powerful tool. That’s a no-brainer. Ha, get it? The stories you tell yourself and what you believe about yourself either make, or break you.

Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

So, I’ve given a lot of thought into these two categories, and I’ll give you my best run-down of the two. Fixed mindset is the the belief that your character, intelligence, abilities, and creativity are what make you who you are and that you can’t change them. Your mindset is, well… fixed. Avoiding challenges and giving up easily because you feel like your abilities are limited. Fear of looking “dumb” instead of seeing it as a way of motivation to enhance your skills, are what gives you a fixed mindset. All in all, you always end up falling short in some part of your life because you didn’t put your full confidence and potential into it.

On the other hand, growth mindset is where you believe that your character, talents, and abilities can be improved and developed. I know what you’re thinking: Everyone has the mindset that we can grow and develop!!! But honestly, I’m here to tell you that that isn’t always the case. When you have this mindset, you embrace challenges and aren’t threatened by the success of others, but seek inspiration from those above you. Failure isn’t an indicator of lack of intelligence. It is an opportunity to learn from mistakes to better yourself.

Of course, hard work and persistence are important in the path of your success, but what people seem to forget is the underlying belief that YOU are in control of your own destiny.

Why waste time proving to others, over and over again, that you’re great, when you could be doing better?

Don’t spend your life looking for friends who just boost up your self-esteem. Find people who challenge you to become better.

I’ve grown and became somebody that I am proud of, because I let myself.

I’ve put myself in friend groups that were full of fixed minded people. They think that everyone has set abilities that they can’t change. So, when somebody would do something that was “out of their limit”, then they would make fun or discourage them for doing something that wasn’t “made for them”. And honestly, it was discouraging and belittling.

Let’s talk about love.

Fixed mindsets believe that they must find a significant other who puts them on a pedestal and are there to make them feel “perfect”. Someone with a fixed mindset would be offended by a negative opinion from their significant other because they believe that their partner should only be saying things to boost their self-esteem.

Negative feedback or opinions doesn’t always mean they don’t love you.

A growth mindset would search for someone who recognizes their faults and looks to improve them in a loving way. Somebody who challenges that person to become better.

Sounds like true love to me.

Having a growth mindset could be the most important thing you ever do to help achieve your dreams.

Take control of your life and realize that your abilities are not limited unless you allow them to be. Block away that part inside of you that says you can’t do something. Remember, you can always learn. Instead of thinking “can I do this?”, think “how can I do this?”.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt that maybe it isn’t your lack of ability, but it’s the lack of confidence that you can do something out of your comfort zone.

You’re always better than the person you perceive yourself to be.

You just gotta believe it.


Ignite your spark.

Thanks for reading, xoxo.


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