The Ones That Got Away- Dealing With People Who Have Left

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There are people who walk in and out of our lives. Constantly. Life is like a revolving door. People are constantly entering and leaving. I know a lot of people who believe that their bestest friends were going to be by their sides forever, or lovers that swear they’d be together till’ death do them part. But then later on, they find themselves in a place they never thought they’d be: apart.

Friends that have backstabbed you, or slowly drifted apart. Significant others who have left you, or done you wrong. Whatever it may be. Just because your relationship with someone had passed, does not mean that their presence in your life was not important. People come into your life for a specific reason, for a specific lesson. Whether it’s you who had lost touch with an important person in your life, or that important person had lost touch with you, remember that it only opens the door to a more fulfilling life. You’ll find people who are meant to stay.

Don’t spend your time fighting back for people who have drifted miles from you. They’ll find their way back to you if and when the time is right. People are constantly growing, whether it’s in correlation with you, or it’s on completely separate paths. So, don’t take it personal when someone slowly starts to back away. It happens.

Think about yourself 5 years ago. Your mindset, your priorities, and your dreams have changed in the course of who you are today. Same thing goes for everyone else. Our lives are constantly in motion, and change is the only consistent thing in this world. 

Maybe you’ll stumble across an ex at a coffee shop after years of growth and change, and find yourselves finally on the same page. Or maybe you’ll bump into an old friend at a grocery store, and realize you two have a lot more in common than you both thought you had in high school. Sometimes the timing isn’t right. People come into your life to teach you a lesson, whether you realize it or not. And maybe they’ll come back into your life a few years later to write a new lesson in your book.

Trust in the universe that the people meant to be in your life, will fit in there effortlessly. Let things go in the form that it is, and let it become the form that it needs to be. But don’t forget to keep your heart and soul unshakeable.



Ignite your spark.

Thanks for reading, xoxo.


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