Seeking Joy Instead of Happiness

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Happiness. It comes and goes like waves. All our lives, we strive to achieve “happiness”. Happiness is something that is not truly defined, but somehow, it is something everyone strives for. We are in the “pursuit of happiness”.

Some people have said that happiness cannot be measured on its own, but rather, must be weighed against other more measurable values, such as money, work success and stress levels. That is why I believe that happiness is not something we can obtain. It is not something that can be searched for, or found.

For me, happiness is when I’m in my room with my best friends, laughing our night away. Happiness is going out to dinner with my entire family and catching up on our lives. Happiness is summertime and being carefree. But all of those are temporary moments of happiness.

Happiness is a temporary emotion.

Instead of striving to be happy, be joyful.

My father had told me that there is a big difference between happiness and joy. Although they may be confused to be similar, they have contrasting definitions. Happiness is like a temporary high. So let me ask you, are you wasting your time looking for happiness?

Happiness is within us. In times of greatness, we will feel the emotion of happiness. But joy is much more than just a feeling, it is an attitude of the heart. Happiness is a synonym of joy. Being joyful is being grateful and being content with whatever life gives you. It is a long term way of being. It is not tied to external circumstances, because being joyful is finding comfort in being broken, and to be open to have what was, what’s gone, what’s coming.

“Joy becomes a more constant state of being, it no longer becomes about what does or doesn’t bring you joy, as you begin to cultivate joy from the inside out.”

You will feel happiness at different times, so don’t spend your time searching for it. A happy moment is just a happy moment. And moments are fleeting.

Joy is the fiber of your soul. Your soul is unbreakable and that is why your access to it never vanishes. Because joy is so foundational to your true being, every other state or emotion can rest on top of joy, it can accommodate everything.

This means that it’s possible to grieve with your whole heart, and still recognize your joy. You can feel rage, and be aware of joy waiting patiently for your return. And that can be very comforting.

It’s quite simple, actually. The joy to be alive, to be connected, and to be here at this very moment.

Happiness. Adore it when it arrives.

Joy. It’s the love that lasts through it all.


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Happy Holidays, xoxo.



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