Minimalism- Be More With Less

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So, there I was, at Olive Garden, on December 2nd talking to my sister, Paula, about wanting to redecorate my room. And here’s what she said:

“Pia, you’re actually a hoarder, maybe you should write a blog post about minimalism and follow through with it.”

So… here I am…writing a blog..about minimalism…

Minimalism isn’t just about “stuff”. It’s also clearing out time and space to lead a more simple, joyful life. But why is it so important? Well, I had given it some thought and I realized that minimalism helps us determine the important things in life, and to live our lives through the heart and soul, rather than carrying a load of emotional and physical baggage over our shoulders.

Eliminate the clutter. Eliminate the physical clutter, and the mental clutter. By clearing up space for the more important things in life, we give ourselves more opportunities to pursue aspects of our lives that truly mean something. Life is meant to be enjoyable. It gets extremely exhausting and frustrating trying to be a multitude of personalities to fulfill our daily tasks and duties.

When we approach life with a minimalistic mind, we can focus on doing the things that we want and need.

One way to practice minimalism is to not compare yourselves to others. By doing this, you give yourself the time to focus on your own being, and to focus on the things that you already have. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Everyone has different styles and passions, figure out what’s yours. Don’t compare your chapter one to somebody else’s chapter 20.

Decluttering can help you be more productive and much less stressed. As you begin to declutter, a funny thing happens – you begin to assign value and worth differently.

Continuing forward, we may not be able to avoid negativity, but we can surely limit our exposure to it. When you’re talking to someone that makes you feel uneasy or unhappy, keep the conversation short and sweet. Limit yourself from negative energy and listen to some good music and read a good book. Minimize the negativity, and watch as you live a life with much more love and light.

Minimalism isn’t about restriction, or punishment. It is more of a practice that helps you learn the things you need, rather than the things you think you need. Remember, not everything that has a value has worth.

To conclude, I am starting an approach on a minimalistic life. Seeking for centeredness and contentment, and learning to practice keeping the things that I truly need and want in my life. Whether it be emotionally, or physically. So Paula, I’ll take up your challenge on minimalism and we’ll see how this goes..

Ignite your spark,

Happy Holidays, xoxo.

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I’m also trying to be a minimalist! It’s definitely not as easy as it looks, but the simpler life it leads you to can be worth the effort!

Kyla Matton Osborne

How true that minimalism could also be applied to non-physical aspects of our lives! Walking away from things like emotional drama and people who are constantly negative can help to minimize the emotional and mental clutter, for sure!


When you have young kids it can be hard to be minimalistic, but I am certainly striving to be more minimalistic. Good thoughts and encouragement!