The Art Of Falling Back

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Fall back. Instead of overanalyzing every single waking moment of your life, sit back and watch everything unravel clearly in front of you. We are all so quick to find the missing piece of life’s big puzzle. But sometimes, stepping back to look at the big picture is what solves it. Fall back and let life take its course. You will see the people who step up, when you take a step back. You’ll see how people really feel when you go missing, and what they truly mean to you.

Don’t Chase Things.

The right things have been following your every move. They will arrive at the right moment and time, you just have to sit back and let things be the way they need to be. Give yourself the time to see things clearly so that you give no room for disappointment. Strive to achieve your dreams, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

It’s About You.

Listen to yourself. The art of falling back, is that you spend more time reflecting on your own thoughts and feelings without constant strategical planning on what your next move should be. Do what you can in the moment, and let the universe show you what it has in store for you. Constantly stressing yourself out gives no room for growth and development. You end up being stuck in a bubble of tension.

It’s About Learning.

It’s learning to live in solitude, without letting it define you. It’s learning to fill the emptiness inside of you, with notable things. It’s learning to spend your time on your passions, and on people who mean the most to you. And also, it’s to learn to respect God’s plan for you, even when you don’t understand it. Falling back shows you the beauty of what happens when you stop focusing so much on other people’s reactions and thoughts, and start focusing on yourself.

Save Yourself.

The beauty of falling back is that you prevent yourself from falling down. Step back and see things clearer, rather than diving in head first. Save yourself from falling in love with the wrong person, or for the wrong reasons. Save yourself from agreeing to things that have no value to you. Save yourself from wasting your time and energy on things that don’t help you grow. Take a few steps back and see the people who are willing to meet you half way. Sometimes taking yourself out of the equation is the only way to find the right answer.



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