A Message For Your 2018 Self..

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This is it everyone. The last few days of the year 2017. The last hoorah.

It’s been one hell of a year. With memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Would I say that this was the best year of my life? No. Would I say it was the most eventful? Hell yes. I’ve endured the hardest battles, and started the most amazing journeys. It’s been four months since I’ve started this blog, and I am SO extremely proud of how far it has come. My audience has truly grown right before my eyes, and the amount of love and support I’ve received is absolutely incredible.

With the year coming to a close, I would like to send all my readers a message. One that I hope will inspire you and ignite your spark.

I want you all to remember the messages and advice that this blog has given you all. In the year 2018, I encourage all of you to let go of the negativity that you’ve been holding onto in 2017. This is a perfect opportunity to renew and rejuvenate. So, for 2018, here are a few of my best advice that I hope you will implement in your new year:

Fill 2018 with as much love and passion as you can.

Don’t waste your time on things that you don’t truly love. Life is entirely too short for you to spend on people and things that serve no purpose for you. Be selfish. You are important too. Listen to your own wants and needs. Remember that you can only give others what you already possess. If you possess love and light, that is what you are able to give others. So, if you need a little soul searching and a little time to give yourself the love you need, don’t be afraid to do so. You can’t love others when you don’t love yourself first.

Let your heart guide you.

Your heart is your own unique compass that only you can follow. It is a gift given to every man, woman, and child. In the new year, listen to your heart and intuition, because those are the things that will never let you down. There will be challenges in 2018 that will stump you, but let your heart guide you in the direction that you are meant to go.

Do things on your own terms.

This is something that I’ve been working on recently. Don’t do things in hopes of gaining a reaction from others. Don’t let other people steer you in a specific direction. Do things on your own terms, simply because you want to do those things. The opinions of others will never settle, so it’s up to you to realize that, no matter what, people will always have something to say. You are in no position to let other people dictate the decisions you make in your life.

Be kind.

Practice gratuity and kindness. Forgive others and let negativity quickly pass. Be kind to others and always be the bigger person. Randomly check up on an old friend or open the door for the person behind you. Kindness is a gift that can be given infinitely and for free. Radiate the love, and love will be given right back to you.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Get out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before. Travel. Sky dive. Ask someone on a date. Do something worth remembering. It’s a new year with new possibilities. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. Take leaps of faith because you’ll never know what lies on the other side. Some of the most memorable moments are the ones you were initially afraid of.

Make 2018 your year.

You are worthy of joy. You are worthy of living a life that you deserve. You are worth it. You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and you’ll face new challenges in the year 2018. Some of your greatest lessons come from small moments, remember that. You are the only person responsible for creating your reality. Nobody else. Embrace your failures and empower yourself and others. I hope that 2018 treats you well and I’m sending all my love and best wishes to anyone who is reading this right now.


Ignite your spark.

Happy New Year, xoxo.


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