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We often spend our time wishing for some future experience to happen, or dwelling on what we could have done differently in the past. For me, personally, I overthink events that have already happened, dwelling on times where I have been hurt, and thinking of people who are no longer in my life anymore. Moreover, I can spend a lot of my time thinking of where my future is headed and fantasizing over realities that are days, weeks, months, or even years away. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. But in the meantime, we are missing out on life, moment by moment.

It’s so easy for our minds to wander from its place. We get easily distracted and quickly lose ourselves in our own heads, that present moments pass by without us even noticing, until they’re simply a memory of the past.

The thing about moments, is that they are manageable. I can handle a moment. For instance, if you tell yourself you’re going to start eating healthier for a year, it seems like a long commitment to fully handle. But if you take it day by day, moment by moment, it might not be so hard. And when the cravings for something unhealthy comes along, then you can tell yourself, not right now. That, you can handle.

The more present you are, the less stressed and worried you become. It can be so draining when we are too consumed in our own thoughts. When you immerse yourself in the present, you are allowing yourself to gain a new perspective on life, a perspective consisting of positivity, appreciation, and admiration.

The more you allow yourself to thrive in even the smallest moments, the more you’ll find yourself repeating them. We all want to live our best lives, but saying we want to be happier can seem so daunting when you don’t even know where to start. So here’s my advice: start within a moment.

All success has its root in being able to capitalize on the moment, endure the moment, and draw from the moment what is to be learned, gained, or achieved.

There are so many things we miss out on because we are all too absorbed in our past and future. Yes, there are times to reflect on past instances, and yes, there are times to focus on future endeavors, but always come back. Come back to reality. Come back to now. Moments are where progress starts. Moments are where life is happening. Live in it, grow in it, and start from it.

Moments are like petals of a rose; they fall to the ground if there is no life in them.


Ignite your spark,

Thanks for reading, xoxo.


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I agree with you, people should start paying more to the small moments in their present, but right now I think people are more focused on their cell phones. They don’t really pay attention to the world around them because they have access to their ‘world’ at a click of a button


This is a really beautiful reminder of the importance of being in the moment. This is something I really struggle with. I have chronic pain which makes staying present difficult – I find myself looking to the future either hoping for relief or thinking about the limits that have been placed on my future. You’re so right that there’s a better way to approach this. Instead of agonizing over how I’m going to get to tomorrow or next week, I could focus on just getting through this one moment, the one I’m in right now – and maybe finding the… Read more »

Kelly Edgar

This was a really beautiful read and a great reminder of what is actually important.


Such a good reminder, often I find myself reflecting on where I’ve come from, and thinking about the “what’s next” but it’s so good to remember to stay here in the now, in the moment!