What Self-Care TRULY Means

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“A world in which self-care has to be such a trendy topic, is a world that is sick.”

I stumbled upon an article regarding self-care and how it is so widely preached and practiced. And it came to my attention that I feel as though some individuals still misinterpret what “self-care” truly means. It’s not all about the face masks and the candle-lit bath bomb bubble baths. It’s about taking care of your core, your soul. We neglect to believe that self-care can be dirty. It can be ugly. 

Like letting go of someone who shared an enormous part of your life, yet is toxic to your well-being. Or quitting something that is comfortable, for something that you’re passionate, yet afraid to dive into. Or it could be constantly having to learn to accept yourself despite the feelings of wanting to be everything and anything for everyone. Truly, self-care isn’t as easy as it’s sought out to be.

It’s about looking at your failures, your disappointments, and alllll your issues square in the face and reevaluating what it is that is causing you to have to regularly escape from reality. Sure, some alone time and a nice hot bath is nice to get away from your problems, but it is not a solution, nor is it benefiting to genuine “self-care” when it comes to your long term spiritual or mental well-being.

It is making choices that may disappoint others.

It is about choosing things that contribute to a happy and healthy life.

It isn’t about using your ludicrous and unreasonable life as justification to procrastinate and down some liquor.

Allow yourself to indulge in consumer self-care, but don’t be so invested in it that you become disconnected from what self-care truly means. It’s not all about “treating yourself”, but it’s about parenting yourself and making decisions that contribute to your long term well-being. Your life shouldn’t consist of something you need constant recovery from. And if it is, rewire and face these issues head on. Be the person that you, not only, want to be, but someone you need to be. Be the person who knows that face masks and bubbles baths are ways to relish life- not get away from it.


Ignite your spark,

Thanks for reading, xoxo.

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