Bring On The Sunshine

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Sunshine has its way of healing your insides by warming your outsides.

I just turned in my last lab report of the semester, and can I say, What a relief? This semester was filled with a tremendous work load and I’m sure anyone who majors in the sciences knows what I mean. Having three labs on top of lectures really took a toll on my brain (or what’s left of it at least lol). I thought I’d never find the time to write again! Nevertheless, it’s time to unwind for the summer.

This summer, I want to make it a good one. I say this every year, but who wouldn’t? There’s just something about summer that makes it so easy to welcome, and so hard to say goodbye. It’s the endless nights spent sitting outside with your friends talking about our greatest endeavors. It’s the long car rides taken with the windows down. It’s the infinite days spent on the beach with the speaker blasting our favorite songs. Not to mention the tan that comes along with it, amiright?? It’s the intangible moments that count, and summer just seems to capture these moments just a tad bit longer.

To all my friends:

Make moments into great memories.

Spend as much time under the sun.

Do something insane.

Take an impromptu road trip to an unknown destination.

Sleep in.

Meet someone new.


I’m keeping this blog post short and sweet. We all deserve a little serotonin from the sunlight, don’t we? So, crack open a cold one, and bring on the sunshine.


Ignite your spark,

Thanks for reading, xoxo.

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