A Heart Overcrowded

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I was just casually reading posts from one of my favorite blogs and couldn’t help but to reminisce on it. So, here’s my little rendition.

People with the biggest hearts often tend to be the most crowded. 

It’s seeing the good in every one, every thing, and every circumstance. Finding every reason to keep something close even if there is no value in it anymore. It’s as if even when you feel every bone in your body break for something that has lost its purpose, you’ll still persevere in hopes of finding light in something that is so dark. That’s the thing with people who have the biggest hearts: they endure the toughest battles because their hearts have enough space for even the ones who don’t have the space for them.

If you are clinging on to something that is only weighing you down, let go. The ones who were meant for a season will still be a part of you once the season is over. They have already left their mark and you will see them in beautiful and unexpected ways. You will hear them between the lyrics of a song, or when someone comments on a mannerism of yours you know you could only have picked up from them. 

I have friends closest to me who struggle to make ends meet with people who were never willing to meet them half way. We let ourselves succumb to mediocrity when we deserve to feel undeniably alive. Life is meant for love: Doing what you love, being what you love, and falling in love. But, you can be in love with something that is perfectly wrong for you. I always like to remind my friends that there is a specific time and place for everything and everyone, so don’t dwell on things that are not ready for you.

There was a homily at church that I remember the most. It talked about being lukewarm. Stop treading in lukewarm water, and take action to fulfill your life with purpose instead of frustration and hatred.  Crowd your heart with intangible things so that your heart won’t feel so heavy. Don’t be the person who can’t touch others because of the rope burn from holding on too tightly. And soon enough, you’ll be the person who leads by example and walks with utmost grace.


Ignite your spark,

Thanks for reading, xoxo.

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