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Last time I had sat down to type up a blog post was in March. MARCH. 4 months have passed and there sure have been quite a whirlwind of experiences that had happened in-between then and now. I haven’t actually taken the time to sit and write because of all the different projects I’ve been prioritizing. Blogging was always an outlet, but I think I stopped blogging because I’ve resorted to journaling. It’s therapeutic and honestly, I prefer it because I don’t need to double check my spelling or my grammar and it sure as hell isn’t getting published for the world to see. However, as I was flipping through my journal, I realized that so much of what I wrote should be shared! I mean, the reason I started this blog was to give my readers something to hold on to, something to feel moved and inspired. So here I am!

So, first and foremost, I’ve been working a lot on social media and continuously brainstorming new ideas for my new clothing line (yeah, I launched a clothing line, WTF RIGHT?!) and upcoming projects and plans for the future, that my head is just ALL OVER THE PLACE. Like seriously, I’ll be sitting at the dinner table with my family and I’m just zoned out in my own little head because I just have so much to think about and so many plans for my future that IT’S ALL I THINK ABOUT. I have to repeatedly remind myself to stay present in the moment, but it’s hard when all I want to do is think and think and think about what my next project is or what my plan is going to be. I’ve set goals and dreams for myself, that I’ve become pretty centered on achieving them. Not a lot of people understand the logistics of what I do and why I project myself so much on social media. It’s really not about the “fame” or how many likes I get on an instagram photo. It’s so much more than the numbers. It’s about my vision and being able to show up for, not only myself but, others. To motivate others to be bigger than just me and you.

I know there’s so much untapped potential in so many of us, but we let the fear of uncertainty or the fear of being misunderstood keep us from pursuing the things we love. And I’m not saying that you all need to be YouTubers, Bloggers, or Instagram “famous”. I’m saying that whatever you want, whatever your goal is-you can obtain it. Mine just so happens to want to be able to build an audience where I can share my life, my thoughts, and provide content that entertains and also inspires others to be bigger and better than what they perceive themselves to be. I’m 20 going on 21 and I’ve started my own clothing brand, worked with big well-known brands, landed modeling gigs in New York, had my first MEET AND GREET, accumulated a following of over 50,000 people throughout my social medias, and all the other achievements in between. And all throughout this journey, I’ve gained a platform where I can share my successes, big or small. But none of these opportunities would have even been possible if I didn’t believe I could do more. My version of more could be different from yours, but it all requires the same thing: showing up for yourself.

Showing up for yourself and never having to present yourself in a certain kind of light to be loved or accepted. Being the kind of person who cares more about your own well-being, your dreams, and your goals without letting the weight of other people’s opinions crush you. To know that you are capable of doing and achieving so many great things in the world and spending a lifetime learning how to get there.

Showing up for yourself means listening to that inside voice that’s screaming for you to follow your dreams. Showing up for yourself means telling yourself you’re beautiful and capable because the rest of the world is out to tell you you’re not. When you step outside of the limits you set for yourself, there are no limits to how amazing you can be. I know it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written a blog post but I’ve been working on so many things and truly kicking things in gear and it’s because I’ve been busy allowing myself to push my limits. Anyways, I thought I would just stop in and let you guys in on where I’ve been and I hope to see you all soon!

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Thanks for reading, xoxo.


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