Show Up For Yourself

Last time I had sat down to type up a blog post was in March. MARCH. 4 months have passed and there sure have been quite a whirlwind of experiences that had happened in-between then and now. I haven’t actually taken the time to sit and write because of all the different projects I’ve been prioritizing. Blogging was always an outlet,

Cheers to You.

When I was little, all I ever wanted was to grow up. Being older was a simile for freedom, certainty, and more adventures. That perspective shifted and my understanding of “growing up” was just youthful naivety. Because the first thing that I’ve come to realize is there’s much more uncertainty in growing up than there was before. I feel like

Lost and Found

Being someone with a mind that runs in overdrive 24/7, it’s difficult to fully get my thoughts down. Sometimes I wish that my mind could take a day to just be at ease, but then again, I probably wouldn’t have a blog dedicated to rambling about all my thoughts lol. Anyways, I’ve learned so much about myself these past couple of

What’s Meant To Be

I’ve always believed in the notion, “what’s meant to be will always find its way to you.” I’ve met people who are strong advocates for the universe’s “ultimate plan” for each individual, while other’s think it’s just a bunch of bullshit. However, there are just things in life that are completely out of our control. Intangible things that make us

A Heart Overcrowded

I was just casually reading posts from one of my favorite blogs and couldn’t help but to reminisce on it. So, here’s my little rendition. People with the biggest hearts often tend to be the most crowded.  It’s seeing the good in every one, every thing, and every circumstance. Finding every reason to keep something close even if there is

Bring On The Sunshine

Sunshine has its way of healing your insides by warming your outsides. I just turned in my last lab report of the semester, and can I say, What a relief? This semester was filled with a tremendous work load and I’m sure anyone who majors in the sciences knows what I mean. Having three labs on top of lectures really took

What Self-Care TRULY Means

“A world in which self-care has to be such a trendy topic, is a world that is sick.” I stumbled upon an article regarding self-care and how it is so widely preached and practiced. And it came to my attention that I feel as though some individuals still misinterpret what “self-care” truly means. It’s not all about the face masks

Stand Up, Speak Up, Wake Up

Good health is not just the absence of physical disease, it is the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It aids in determining how we, as individuals, handle stress, enjoy life, and make choices. You will not have a healthy body if it’s not accompanied by a healthy mind. When we are free of depression, anxiety, addictions, or stress, we