We often spend our time wishing for some future experience to happen, or dwelling on what we could have done differently in the past. For me, personally, I overthink events that have already happened, dwelling on times where I have been hurt, and thinking of people who are no longer in my life anymore. Moreover, I can spend a lot

The Art Of Falling Back

Fall back. Instead of overanalyzing every single waking moment of your life, sit back and watch everything unravel clearly in front of you. We are all so quick to find the missing piece of life’s big puzzle. But sometimes, stepping back to look at the big picture is what solves it. Fall back and let life take its course. You

Minimalism- Be More With Less

So, there I was, at Olive Garden, on December 2nd talking to my sister, Paula, about wanting to redecorate my room. And here’s what she said: “Pia, you’re actually a hoarder, maybe you should write a blog post about minimalism and follow through with it.” So… here I am…writing a blog..about minimalism… Minimalism isn’t just about “stuff”. It’s also clearing

Seeking Joy Instead of Happiness

Happiness. It comes and goes like waves. All our lives, we strive to achieve “happiness”. Happiness is something that is not truly defined, but somehow, it is something everyone strives for. We are in the “pursuit of happiness”. Some people have said that happiness cannot be measured on its own, but rather, must be weighed against other more measurable values, such

Standing Out In A Crowded Room

In a world full of people, what makes you any different? Don’t settle for mediocrity, when you know you’re more than just the average joe. If you’re feeling shadowed, here’s some advice to help you shine a little brighter. Be yourself. Wow, clever Sophia.  Okay, okay, listen. I know it’s super cliche but, you need to hear me out. There’s